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The Surge Dance Company Story

Co-owners Eve and Jenna met in college as members of the University at Buffalo's Impulse Dance Force. Working together as President and Vice President, respectively, it became clear they were a dream match, artistically and as business people. Eve passed the torch of President to Jenna when she graduated, but they remained close and continued to dance and create together. 

Months later, at a birthday party, it was jokingly suggested that the two open a dance studio together. Two days later, however, it was clear this was less of a joke, and more of a potential business idea. From there, the wheels turned quickly, and just one month later, Surge Dance Company was formed. 

Eve and Jenna share not only a passion for dance, but a belief that dance education should be holistic, in that dance classes should give each student an opportunity to grow as a person as much as they grow as an athlete and an artist. 

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