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Jenna Bradshaw

Co-Owner + Instructor

Jenna began dancing at the age of 4 and hasn’t stopped since. She grew up as a competitive dancer, performing with a national championship winning team and training under nationally renowned and choreographers. Jenna is experienced in many styles including lyrical, contemporary, jazz, hip-hop and tap, and she spent several years training exclusively in ballet and pointe. Jenna has taught at all age levels for both recreational and competitive dance programs. Her passion for dance is rivaled only by her passion for teaching and instilling a love for the art, along with self-love and confidence, to the next generation of young dancers.


Eve Rokhvadze

Co-Owner + Instructor

Eve is a recent graduate from the University at Buffalo Teach Program. During her time at UB, Eve served as both Vice President and President of Impulse Dance Force, as well as holding positions of choreographer and dance teacher. Through Eve's vision and leadership, Impulse established a stronger presence on campus, culminating in well-attended, creative and inspirational showcases. Eve has been dancing both recreationally and competitively for nearly 15 years. She has been awarded first place prizes for both solo and group work at Dance America and StarQuest, culminating in national competitive awards along with 'Most Admirable Dancer' during her 2017 Dance America competition season. Eve began choreographing for young adults during her freshman year of college, experimenting with styles such as contemporary, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, and modern. She has since moved on to work with younger dancers at local dance studios. Eve's focus is on helping her dancers realize both confidence and technique in a safe and inclusive environment. 

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